It’s been a long time

Hey all!
It’s been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts/opinion/life on here. Reason being? I was asked as a favor to basically disappear from the face of the earth for reasons unknown only to the person who asked me.
And well, I exist and that can’t be undone. #sorrynotsorry
So I should be updating y’all soon with some of my struggles and victories in the last year/months. It’s been a doozy.

How exciting!

Chicken Salad

If and when I eat a chicken salad, my main goal is to save all the pieces of chicken from drowning in the leaves of lettuce. So yes, often times you’ll find me digging through my salad for chicken and yes often times when there are no more pieces of chicken left in my salad I complete my mission and I’m done eating.

So why I didn’t just get chicken instead of a whole salad? Sadly that’s a question I’ll never be able to answer.



Today I did a lot of waiting.

I waited 2 hours to be seen at the eye doctor and then 20 extra mins for my pupils to dilate. Then, I waited half hour before I could kind of see something so that I can go to the mall and run errands. Then I was forced to wait in the parking lot of the mall because hurricane Andrew decided to make a second stop in S. FL. Today so I couldn’t get out of the car. Eventually I was just so tired of waiting. My fluffy eyebrows can wait another day to get painfully groomed by the Indian ladies at the eyebrow threading place. So I left. I backed out of my very great parking space and headed for the exit. As I continued my pattern and waited there for the red light to turn green, it stops raining. It stops raining. I couldn’t believe it. Of course I turned right around and went back into the mall parking lot and power walked right into the mall.

It feels as if sometimes you wait, and wait, and wait for something and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. It’s easy to give up waiting and drive away but God’s timing is always on point.

My eyebrows got fixed, and my mom got her Father’s Day gift card for my brother taken care of.

Wait if you must. It’ll happen.

No, don’t do that.

What drives you crazy bananas?! Everyone has things that will just flip their switch. Here are a few thing that gross, annoy, or just simply bother the heck out of me.

If I find a hair in my food, my entire meal is ruined. Even if it was just one and it came from my very own head.

Feet/toes make me feel yucky. I do have feet and I have my own set of toes but don’t even with someone else’s toes/feet.

When a person makes noise with a potato chip bag trying to grab a potato chip; like seriously, just pour them out on a napkin.

Really slow people in front of me in a line. Not that I’m inpatient but if the ball is rolling and you’re just strolling, you better get moving too.

Not knowing where I’m going if I’m in the drivers seat. If I’m driving, there’s a destination cause I’m not about being lost.

Being confused. I hate not understanding something. Especially math, or science. It makes me wanna cry.

When I take something seriously and someone else takes it as a joke. Don’t even.

When my mom or my grandmother snacks my rear just because. I’m 24, I don’t think it’s enjoyable or funny.

When I set myself a snack on the counter and I turn to put the things away and someone passes by and “just grabs one”. Pfft, like I didn’t notice?

I’m sure I have more. I’m not easily bothered, I promise. Most of these things happen very seldom.

Second Chances

I’ve been thinking about second chances lately and how sometimes you just simply do not get one.

They say “everyday is a second chance” but what if it isn’t? Has anyone out there ever thought about that or am I the only one? I’m not talking about death here, the whole tomorrow is not promised thing; even though this is very true. I’m talking about those instances where there is no second chance. Where you let a person or an opportunity go and the next day they are gone and they are not coming back.


What do you do in this case? Chase after it? Or do you just let it go? What if it was a mistake the whole letting it slip on by thing. What do you do in that case? It’s a scary thought; to lose something or someone you want so much and then realize that, no, they are not coming back and you don’t get a second chance.



Makes you want to be a little bit more careful. 

For fun you enjoy…?

The dreaded question. I mean, I enjoy stuff for fun but when people ask me, I have no idea what to say. Truth is, there’s never much fun happening in my life and maybe that’s something I’ve gotta change?

I enjoy traveling. Call me crazy, but I do enjoy traveling alone. I don’t do much of it, well… Because I’m a student, and a full time employee.
I enjoy photography. I wish I had more creative photographers who could just get up on a Saturday morning and say “hey, let’s go shoot”.
I enjoy food. I cannot cook, however. Eating it is my favorite thing but unfortunately even breathing makes me gain weight.
I enjoy music. Listening, playing, singing. Well, I kinda sort of play the guitar but sometimes during the week I don’t have much time to do so. I’m not good and I’m not getting better. Good thing is that most worship songs are only four chords.
I enjoy reading. Not just any book. Preferably fiction and it has to be exciting and interesting. Any suggestions?

I do waste a lot of my time on Netflix. I also enjoy Netflix though.

My point? Life passes us by. The next time someone asks me what I enjoy for fun I would like to actually have a response that has a story behind it. I’d like to actually do the things I enjoy instead of just thinking about them.